Consider a pebble thrown into a still pond and visualize the concentric circles that form and ripple throughout the pond. When a healing takes place, we set forth a resonance that reverberates throughout our entire lineage - past and future, personal and genetic.

For example, let’s consider you’ve just come down with a cold. How could healing within your DNA help this everyday occurrence? We exist in a soup of germs and microbes both within us and in our environment at all times – so why do we get sick now and what can it mean?


Perhaps our ancestors lived in Europe during the bubonic plague and have passed down the trauma and the innate understanding that we will get sick and die if we are in close proximity to sick people. Healing this ancient trauma would then help us to regain our health and set healing energies in place for others to access as well. This could also be valuable when fears of toxic chemicals or supergerms sweep through societies. Rather than having an immediate, unconscious fear take over our thinking and decision-making capabilities, when you understand and release these ancient survival fears, you set healing vibrations throughout time and space; healings that others can then access. This is the working behind the ‘collective unconscious’. Because we all are interconnected, through the healing process, we affect change in ourselves, our immediate DNA lineage, and the whole of society, and, as time is fluid, we send healings to our direct ancestors who lived at that set-point time.

If you find yourself saying, “I can’t help myself.” “That’s just the way I am.” “My whole family is that way”, then consider working within your DNA lineages. This work includes any physical, mental, emotional, social, or spiritual concerns you may have – addictions, career issues, losing your temper, having bad relationships, etc. Understanding that these behaviors are DNA survival traits (strengths) that can be healed and released is very empowering.

Using the Arise Spectrum Energetic Healing Method, we bring clarity, compassion, and love to ease judgments about yourself and your life. Working with Spirit, we access your more complete Self and your three lineage lines: your immediate DNA lineage, your Soul lineage (possibly including past lives), and your Angelic, I AM Presence lineage. Thus, you can more clearly see who you are and how to direct your life choices more consciously. This will help you release your ‘fear set-points’ and allow you to confidently move forward.

It is a gift to heal, not only our own lives, but to also send understanding, compassion, and healing energies directly to our ancestors and descendants, spreading ever outward to all. Whatever you are healing, you can heal yourself, your immediate parentage, and then send healing to all those who need it. We truly are in this together … and it all begins with you!

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