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What role does DNA play in healing? Is DNA something we can heal?

Ask any scientist about DNA and you will hear much about the double helix strand, a linear and twisting chain of biological material. They will also tell us that approximately 3% of our DNA carries our entire human genome; the remaining 97%, once considered “junk DNA”, is not currently understood or accessible to us. From our current understanding of DNA and human genome work, we are getting many fascinating views of the origins of our ancestry. How did our families survive hard times and global catastrophes? We are living and breathing today because of traits and survival skills built in to our DNA. However, some of those survival mechanisms might not be helping us now.

When we look in the mirror, besides seeing our traits of hair and eye color, height, gender, etc. we also intuitively know that what we see is only the outer physical envelope of what it means to be ‘human’. We understand that we are made up of many things that are not visible to our eyes.

Directly beneath our skin is the first invisible layer where we have bones, muscles, organs, and biological systems that can only be seen with the proper tools (surgical knives, x-rays, etc.). The 2nd invisible layer lies within the subatomic level, with protons, neutrons, electrons, gluons, quarks, etc. viewable only with the latest scientific tools or understood through quantum physics theories.

In the same way, when we ‘see’ with a higher vision, through clairvoyance or with the heightened senses of energy work, we are able to perceive a 3rd layering of invisible parts of ourselves – our emotional, mental and spiritual bodies. As a counselors, therapists, and energy workers, we work within this 3rd layer using tools that include intuitive sight, guided messages, and higher octaves of awareness.

With this work, is it possible to heal up and down our DNA lineage? Many of the physical, emotional and other personality traits we carry have been passed down to us from previous generations, and when we see these traits as strengths, we can begin to invest the time to heal them now. Counseling, healing and re-patterning work will affect our present biology and it also has an impact on those who will come after us. In many ways we are a product of our past, and inherited DNA traits cause us to be who we are today. However, when our physicists tell us that everything is interconnected and that energy cannot be created or destroyed, through our interconnected nature, we see that changes made now change what came before. When we heal ourselves, we heal (or change) the inherited traits given to us through DNA, and we change our personal DNA lineage. And since our interconnected nature is not an isolated unit, on a larger scale the changes we make also affect all of humanity.