As beings who love peak experiences, we all have known the joy of transcending our normal lives. Think of the times that you have walked in nature and almost cried at the beauty that is there; a sunset - so rich and colorful...or perhaps you reached a deep state of communion through Reiki, through meditation, or with another spiritual experience - a presence so rich and so real. In awakening experiences, the world becomes more real and beautiful, and an atmosphere of harmony seems to fill our surroundings. We feel serene and whole inside, and our normal problems and worries seem to fade into insignificance.

Of course, there are ebbs and flows of life. While each day offers a possibility of connection and communion with something truly divine, the eventual realization is one of, "OK, now my feet are back on he ground... now what?" We all have a practical side; a left brain; the thinker; the logical one, and our job as evolving human beings is to dance between both worlds - the mystical and the practical. How do we come to terms with our true nature? Yes, we are divine, and yet, yes, we are walking planet Earth, taking care of our day to day matters, hopefully in service to others.

Peak experiences are for many, so deep and so powerful, that we do not wish to leave them. The energy and vibration of "connection" feels so good - the peace we feel is true and within us! Alternatively, there is our present state - our health, our financial condition, and our relationships... when we look at the 'present', and compare it to the 'connection', we can perceive a gap - an awakening gap. This is the difference between the vision we hold and the place where we currently are. The vibration of 'where we are' is so strong, that it takes time, and effort, and many times the help of counselors and teachers - to navigate the gap.

Our answer for this paradox lies in knowing that we have what it takes to improve our lives. Our vision remains clear and our unique future we are creating. The task at hand is to tune into our creativity, our expression and our purpose. Use your heart - love what you do... Our work is to blend, grow and to synthesize. Practice the tools you have acquired and acquire new ones if you need them. Use your talents for the work of the Spirit - apply what you have learned - keep on learning... ask for guidance, and above all, as our good friends Abraham always say, "Don't tell it like it is, tell it like you want it to be".

Do this a little bit every day, and the gap gets smaller.

by Tony Cardo