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When I was a little girl, I used to sit on my Grandmother’s lap and sing her a favorite song: The Twelve Days of Christmas. She loved hearing me sing that song, and I loved making her happy, even though I had no idea what exactly a ‘par tridg gina peartree’ was. Being an urban girl, I was even more surprised when I discovered the song was about a bird resembling a pigeon and that pears grew on trees and didn’t come out of cans.


So, for this time of year and for the wonderful birthing energies of 2013, I sing this updated song of love to you. I’m sure you will know Who the True Love is in the song. If you like, start the first day on December 12th (12/12/12) and add a day until the 23rd. Then start all over again. We can never love ourselves enough or honor our path clearly wearing the prism of self-criticism, self-doubt, and unworthiness. Every day, let’s take a minute or two to send love to ourselves and feel the connection to something higher, grander, more exciting and more expansive. Through the quantum, these moments change our DNA and change our life.

Feel free to spend a moment or two on each gift, each day. Or, like the song, start with day 1, breath in the that gift and then add the 2nd day. Add a gift a day until you are gifting yourself 12 presents of love in 12 days. It’s a great way to end this cycle and begin the new one, based on more unconditional love for yourself and your unique Hero’s Journey.

How much unconditional love can you breathe in?

On the 1st Day, my True Love gave to me: Hugs to wake up today.

“I love you, sweetheart. Have wonderful day!”

Spend a few moments waking yourself up to a loving and cherishing Presence. Give yourself Reiki for a few moments or just send a healing bubble of light and connection throughout your entire body before getting out of bed.

On the 2nd Day, my True Love gave to me: A knowing look of love.

Look in the mirror, directly into your eyes.

Breathe in love, breathe out love. “I see who you really are. I know you have tried to do your best. I love you!”

On the 3rd Day, my True Love gave to me: Love to my miraculous, magnificent form.

Choose one body part, really look at it, and give hugs, appreciation, and love. Start with an area that is neutral for you - how about your elbow, knee, ear, digestion system … change the part of yourself every day.

On the 4th Day, my True Love gave to me: Coloring my world with joy.

Choose a color that feels good for you today. If you don’t have that color – visualize wearing it on your body, in your aura. Feeling deep crimson red today? Or persimmon? Iridescent and opalescent?

On the 5th Day, my True Love gave to me: Sing a song of love.

When you hear a song that resonates with you – sing it to yourself. The more romantic the better! Go for it – use your arms to sing out loud.

On the 6th Day, my True Love gave to me: Karuna Mudra.

Stand straight in mountain pose and then bend over at the waist, letting your arms fall down. Breathe. Slowly straighten up, noticing your spine aligning upward. Move your arms slowly until they are above your head, in a ‘V’ formation. Breathe in the unconditional love and compassion from the Central Sun. Then extend your arms outward, palms facing outward, beaming this love and compassion to all. Finally, bring your hands to your body, one at your heart center, one at your solar plexus, beaming unconditional love and compassion to yourself.

On the 7th Day, my True Love gave to me: Nurturing and cherishing food.

What one thing would you love to eat today? Something that will make you feel great. Buy it, cook it, eat in the love, health, joy. Feel the sensuous qualities of the food you eat – texture, scent, color. It’s all there as a gift to delight our senses. And it’s a blessing of abundance and prayers answered.

On the 8th Day, my True Love gave to me: Chakra Cleanse.

Just like you clean your teeth and face every morning and night, clean your chakras and energy field. If you know Reiki, remember to do the Power Symbol on your chakras. Or, hold your hand over each one and send light and love to each chakra, giving them a little spin too. Chakras are located: base of torso, just below your navel, solar plexus, heart, throat, forehead, crown of head – and also add below your feet and as far above your head as you can reach.

On the 9th Day, my True Love gave to me: Opening Angel Wings.

Put your right hand on your left shoulder and fluff out your wings. Do the same with your left hand on your right shoulder. How do they look? Put both your arms up and fluff up and out! Great to do with a little essential oil – especially White Angelica or Frankincense. Remember who you truly are!

On the 10th Day, my True Love gave to me: Affirmation of Worth and Connection.

“I am Blessed to walk this Earth, and the Earth is Blessed that I walk upon it!”

Take a walk and say this affirmation, sing the affirmation, dance the affirmation. And really feel what it feels like to be blessed to be alive at this time in history. And what it feels like that the very Earth and everyone on it are blessed that you are here!

On the 11th Day, my True Love gave to me: Hugs to sleep tonight.

“Good night sweetheart. You had such a great day today, doing the best of what you do best. There’s always another day to do more. You did enough today. More than enough. You are so precious and I love you always. There is time after time after time – whatever you want, you have.”

On the 12th Day, my True Love gave to me: Visions of bliss dance in our heads.

Send your visions of love and light to others around the world. What is on your mind today? Send love to yourself, your challenges, your sorrows, your friends, and then send it up higher to the crystalline grid around the earth so that it is accessible to others who are in similar circumstances or to those who are in even worse circumstances than the one you are in.

Feel the connection to all those who are working around the world to bring in this cycle of abundance, freedom, tolerance, joy, peace, love, health, joy,,,,,

Join with all the Lightworkers around the world, through time and space, who are connecting to bridge in this glorious time!