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4:44 pm was the time frozen on Austin’s stopped wristwatch.

The circumstances were tragic. My young daughter’s best friend, Austin, was hit and killed by a bus while riding his bike home from school. Grabbing at anything to help us move through this time, 444 seemed to me a magical number, so I researched it and found that thousands of angels surround you at 444. They bring a message for you to remember that all is well, all is always well.


In the midst of such loss and pain while losing a precious and so-alive 15 year old child, these words were encouraging reminders that angels surrounded Austin at the moment of death, that there was and is nothing to fear, and that all is well. Unbelieveable. And yet true. Could I reach to the truth of these words? They became mantras of a sort when breath became too searing to bear. And it did indeed help.

Then I started seeing 444 on license plates at unusual times. The day Austin would have graduated high school, we followed a car with 444 in the license plate all the way out of the school auditorium and halfway home. Could it really be a coincidence or was Austin communicating with us? The night my husband decided to finally sing the song he had written for Austin, a car zoomed in front of us with a 444 license plate, traveling half of the distance to the open mic event. Smiling, believing a little more, and certainly appreciating Austin’s timeliness and humor, I began to ask him to keep in touch. And, he did!

When the cat Austin left me became critically ill and I had to decide whether to put him to sleep or spend much money I did not have to try and save him, I cried out to Austin to help me decide. Should I let Elijah go, or have costly interventions that could or could not work? On the way to the emergency vet with my final answer I found the car message 444 EJF. Wait, EJF?!? Maybe I was getting an actual message this time. Elijah (what else could EJ mean?) will be fine. EJF. At least that’s how I interpreted it. I spent the money to save his life. Elijah pulled through and is still fine!

The week before my daughter was to fly to London I was feeling nervous about her flying so far for so long. I didn’t think to ask Austin, but I did ask for help to handle my fears and to set energies for her flight. Two minutes later a car whizzed by me on the highway with the message 444 EXW. I took it to mean excellent wings – great, thanks, Austin. Now I could relax. Lately, I have asked Austin to specify ‘L’ in the letters if the message is for me or ‘B’ if it is for my daugher. The next day, I found a 444 L message, the next week a 444 B. Last month we searched for my daughter's car and found the license plate next to her 'perfect' car 444 EBQ. Surprisingly, the deal didn't go through and I was frankly surprised. Why was Austin there? What could the EBQ mean? The next morning we started car hunting from scratch again and the words "Enjoy B's Quest" came in. Of course! They did study Hero's Journey together. This is a quest for her to bring in her first car. And, of course, we did find the same make, model and year, but with many extra features and $1,000 cheaper. We just needed a little patience and trust, allowing for the law of attraction in action!

As an energy psychologist, I have worked for many years getting Guided messages for my clients. It is wonderful to be able to use methods which incorporate the best of counseling insights and integration with soul guided messages and perspectives. Many times those who transition visit my healing sessions with information for their loved ones. Often healing Masters and ascended Lightbeings come through for clients. Once both Jesus and Mary came for a woman undergoing double masectomy surgery the following day. Jesus came down, silently, to lay hands on Joy’s feet. Mary came in from the side with a white sheet folded over her arms and with the understanding that she would be there, in the hospital room, comforting and soothing Joy both during and after surgery. She really is such a Mom energy.

Another client fostered over 50 children in her life, a service which took a heavy toll upon Judy’s physical health. I saw white flowers growing around her with ‘rain’ falling down. The rain became tears and when I looked up to see who was shedding these tears, I could see the face of Quan Yin. At the time I didn’t know that Judy worked a lot with Quan Yin – and felt very supported in this work with foster children by the Goddess of Compassion. Archangels are often involved with healing work – Michael, especially. Rafael, Uriel, Chamuel… we all have magnificent Beings of Love and Light who interact with us during our critical moments. Wouldn’t it be great to know this for sure and to have clear and easy communications with them – as clear and as easy as we are communicating right now?

I once attended a teleconference about communicating with those who have transitioned offered by a psychology department in a major American university. They built in a quintuple blind study, meaning 5 layers of removal to protect against experimenter bias. This type of study is rather unheard of here in the United States although universities (and governments) around the world are becoming more interested in researching subtle phenomena. During the study on mediumship, the researchers found results significantly beyond chance: mediums were able to get information for clients only knowing a first name. Clients were able to tell which of 5 messages were from their loved ones. Pretty impressive. But what struck me during the discussion was the suggestion that if we could really be sure that our loved ones did indeed survive death, that they are in constant awareness of us and our lives, and that we can communicate with them throughout our entire lives, this knowledge would change life on earth forever.

“Change life on earth forever” - this statement seemed surprising to me at first. Yes, it is wonderful to communicate with loved ones and Beings of Love and Light – but this one facet to change life forever? For everyone? Then I started to feel again the pain of losing so many of my loved ones. The pain of not having said enough, of perhaps saying or doing things we regret our whole lives.

What if we could make things right with those who left. What if we could invite them to share in our happy moments – and know they are there. What if we could gain higher perspectives for our everyday choices. To feel the embrace of unconditional love. To know that we are eternal beings of love and light and that we continue ever onward with our loved ones … that indeed might change life on earth! And it starts with each one of us.

Have you ever been surprised you haven’t been contacted by a dear loved one who transitioned? Austin’s funny license plate messages are only one way. Others confide in me they (wistfully, wishfully) believe their loved ones communicate when they find a feather, or hear a special song on the radio, or a line jumps out of them from a movie or book, or a bird hops on a fence and looks into their window, or a dragonfly flies by, or they find a penny, or lights blink on and off when their name is mentioned. The list goes on and on.

Some suggestions if you want to join in the fun:

Communicate to your loved one you want to stay in touch

Ask them for a special signal just for the two fo you

When you get the signal, don’t scour around and try to ‘feel’ their presence – laugh, acknowledge, talk to them, and move on. Remember, they usually have a ‘light’ touch!

Consider learning automatic writing

Consider learning Reiki to send healing energies to them beyond time and space

Follow the gaze of animals and babies

Let music guide you

And dreams

And remember, they are freed from the density of life on earth and therefore they are experiencing tremendous joy and freedom. If you are beaming your loss and sadness, you will have a hard time accessing their new ‘address’. Allow yourself to become more joyful and light-filled to close the gap.

As we continue to move further into higher destinies, both personal and global, remember Who you truly are – magnificent, eternal, love filled, and connected – as Kabir’s delightful reminder of fish in the water, we are always surrounded by the Love we seek!