Dr. Lorelynn Mirage Cardo
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503-810-8855 (cell)


The Program Includes:

  •  Trainings appropriate to your level
  •  Certificates of training
  •  CEU credits if applicable
  •  Insurance billing (if acceptable)
  •  Individual monthly Guided & energy session ($250 fee, waived)
  •  Bi-monthly small group training and practice sessions
  •  Creation of personal Lightworker Grid, a community of Light
  •  Training and practice with numerous energy tools and vibrational medicines
  •  Opportunities to clarify and expand your Inner Voice
  •  Client supervision
  •  Training for starting your own business
  •  Opportunities for designing and offering workshops and presentations
  •  Opportunities for publishing articles and podcasts
  •  Referrals from Arise
  •  Web presence through Arise
  •  Increase in personal and public presence
  •  Increase in intuitive arts and higher gift orders


  •  1 hour interview
  •  Interest in energy healing
  •  Openness for personal growth
  •  Flexible models of reality
  •  Willingness to grow and be challenged
  •  High ethical and integrity codes
  •  Willingness to listen and consider other points of view 

Please call 503-430-0401 for more information.