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Thanks to Esther Hicks and Abraham for the wonderful exercise, Rampage of Appreciation. The 2016 election has inspired me to write this Rampage for all of us.

How it works:  There 8 areas.  Each one starts with a statement or affirmation that hopefully feels some relief for you.  As you read through that area, you will feel more and more relief, peace, and empowerment.  If you still need to feel better about election events, then read another of the 8 areas.  If you need even more relief – read all 8.  I promise you that you will feel more peace and start to understand that there is a prayer we all have of highest and greatest good for all.  

You can download a copy here


The 8 areas below are:

  •   We’ve All Come to Look for America!
  •   Let the Healing Begin!
  •   All is Well, All is Well, All is Always Well!
  •   Birth is Messy but Worth It!
  •   Blessed are They…
  •   Millennials and Shift Energies Abound!
  •   Visualize…
  •   All In!

Lightworkers, this is our time!  This is our work!

This is who we are and this is what we do!  

Light Up!

Part One

We've All Come to Look For America

  1. This is how we move forward – in a wave formation. Ride the waves.
  2. The further back the pendulum bends, the farther and faster the momentum can fly.
  3. Sometimes it seems like two steps forward, one step back. And yet, this is the dance. These are the patterns. We live in an evolution of consciousness.
  4. We have survived and thrived through much worse. We are resilient. Life goes on.
  5. There are and will be many more opportunities for empathy and dialogue with our fellow companions.
  6. There are and will be many more opportunities to vibrantly express and stand up for what is right and just.
  7. Our government is a reflection of us. We are a large, extended, dysfunctional and functional family. We survive together. We heal together. We bond together.
  8. This current path is a strong invitation to include everyone in the national conversation, especially those who would not come otherwise.
  9. The first Black President caused an equal and opposite reaction. The pendulum swings. All is well.
  10. Government is not our life. Our identities are much more than democrat or republican. Our voting and governmental systems need an update and this is a step to designing an update.  
  11. This current event has created a strong movement to shift from the duopoly of our current party system (democrat/republican)  to six – 8 national groups: alt right, conservative, change-at-any-cost, neoliberal, progressive, libertarian, green. Change is coming – we all can sense it.
  12. Wouldn’t it be nice if leaders are chosen by their platforms and ideals and not by party machines?
  13. America is an ideal / vibrational insert into the very grid of the land. We align with it or not – but the grid hold and vibrates according to the intent of millions throughout time and space. Those who do not resonate with the underlying structural grid of inclusiveness, tolerance, equality will cycle off. The vibration is moving from potentiality to actuality. This is the real America.
  14. America is an imprint and vibration of social justice, inclusion, diversity, equality, pursuit of happiness, personal freedoms, religious tolerance, freedom of speech. This is the real America. It feels so right to know we have chosen to incarnate here at this time to do this work! It feels wonderful to know we are the real America.