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Daily DeLights PlannerDaily DeLights Engagement Journal

Perpetual Planner & Coloring Book for the Soul!

What if... you only needed a minute to feel great about yourself and your life choices?

This is one of the main purposes of Daily DeLights - to help you balance, align and expand your personal energy management system. Make steady progress to be the best vision of wonderful you and do it in the shortest amount of time!

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2017 - 2018 Arise Lightworker Apprenticeships

The ARISE Lightworker Apprenticeship program offers you an opportunity to grow personally, expand your community of Lightworkers, learn every day, and practice your dedicated passion (perhaps dearest longing) of being a Lightworker!

What is a Lightworker? Am I a Lightworker? Lightworkers are people who are consciously working on being positive, optimistic, and hopeful about themselves, other people, and situations in the world. Lightworkers send love, light, or prayers in times of need. Lightworkers enjoy feeling good and enjoy helping others to feel good too. They see the best in others and learn to see the best in themselves. Are you a Lightworker? If you are reading these words – you are!

In this apprenticeship, you will be taught many types energy tools and models and you will learn to hold a mastery, soul perspective during your daily journeys. Our lives are our textbooks. You will learn how to monitor, adjust, and soar with your own Personal Energy Management System through your physical, emotional, mental, spiritual and energy fields. Chart your progress of Daily DeLights!

You will also have discounted access to the magnificent facilities at Turtles Yoga and Wellness Spa in downtown Beaverton as part of the apprenticeship program. Turtles offers over 15 different types of yoga classes, meditation groups, indoor pool, sauna and showers and has received awards as the largest yoga studio in the US! I am so excited to offer you training in this setting and appreciate the sponsorship!

There are 6 levels offered from beginning through advanced. Each is a 12 month program.

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Level 1: Lightworker

Offered for those beginning the journey as an energy healer and Lightworker...

Level 2: Advanced Lightworker

Offered for those who have already received Reiki 1 & 2 Lightworker...

Level 3: Language of Light Healer

Offered for those who have already received Reiki Master and Advanced Lightworker...

Level 4: Advanced Energy Healer

Offered for those who have received Lightworker, Advanced Lightworker, and Language of Light.

Level 5: Etheric Healer

Offered for those who have received levels 3 and 4, Language of Light and Living Fractals of Light...

Level 6: Advanced Etheric Healer

Offered for those who have completed through Level 5. Learn advanced etheric healing methods in SoulAnge Harmonics™...

Arise Services

Guided Counseling

We work together through counseling practices enhanced with Guided or Intuitive information brought uniquely to you through Higher Energies.

Reiki & Energy Healing

I integrated energy healing as an addition to counseling. With the combination of the two, you can move very fast through your issues and you can clear - completely- blocks that have held you back.

Healing Arts Training

The ARISE Apprenticeship program offers you an opportunity to follow in the footsteps of the Masters – growing personally, expanding your community of Lightworkers.