Dr. Lorelynn Mirage Cardo
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Lighthouse Orientation & Training Program

The 12-month apprenticeship program is designed as an evolving spiral beginning with you, circling through trainings and group work and ex2014-06-23 16.02.26panding out into working professionally in the advancing healing and alternative fields and connecting with a larger grid of Lightworkers through time, space, and dimensions. 

The first phase of our beginning spiral (approximately first 4 months) we focus on you, your strengths, your personal hero’s journey; assessment of your tools and consciousness levels; clarification and expansion of your understanding of the higher laws of the universe. Readings and podcasts may be assigned. Personal career trajectory. Healing old wounds and blocks. Holding the harmonics of change everywhere, every-when. Preparation for trainings.

The second phase of our ever expanding spiral (approximately second 4 months) will focus on a combination of training, theory and practice, much practice!  You will practice table sessions , practice giving attunements, practice Prayers of Intent.  You will work with individuals and with small groups. You will also be asked to offer a training session on an area of your choice to a small group.  In this way you will have both individual support  and the availability of supportive group sessions to hone your craft and become more confident of your expanding skills.

The third phase (approximately the final 4 months)  will offer you many opportunities to  grow and excel  in the skills you need to become more of a public presence as a Lighthouse Energy. What is your heart’s desire? We will work with you to give you unconditional love to move forward. We will also give you tools, both energetic and practical to moving your dreams from the visioning stage to manifestation. Business tools if you desire. Resume help if you desire. Networking. Continued availability to Arise Lightworker Trainings. The sky is not the limit!!

Are you new to Energy work? 

Have you been trained before but forget to hold the energies daily?

Do you need to re-calibrate and re-dedicate again? 

This is an individual path and program aligned within a higher perspective!  After our initial interview, and if you are accepted to this unique program, we work together to design exactly what you need to heal yourself, release blocks that hold you from your highest destiny path, give you the appropriate trainings, challenge you to your highest integrity level, and offer a community of Lightworkers to call upon, and a hand on your journey with unconditional love.  (Consider applying for Levels 1 or 2)

Have already been trained in the energy field?

Have an advanced certificate or degree in the medical, psychological, or alternative health fields?

Know that you have higher level gifts of intuition (clairsentience), clairvoyance, clairaudience and want to use these gifts on a more expanded platform?

The advanced healing levels offer a dedicated step system to achieve a balance between grounded personal joy and empowerment with an expanded vision of what is possible for you on your Highest Destiny Path!  After our initial interview, and if you are accepted to this unique program, we work together for you to attain your Highest and Greatest Good.  Step more fully, consciously, and breath by breath into your Higher Self.   (Consider Levels 3 or 4)