Dr. Lorelynn Mirage Cardo
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Interview with Lorelynn

Lorelynn Mirage Cardo, Ph.D.

Part 1 : Why I Merged Counseling with Reiki and Energy Psychology Methods

This is a two- part taped interview I had in early 2014 with a doctoral student in psychology about my ARISE method of soul-based counseling including Reiki or energy work in a counseling session. The transcript has been edited for better reading. Hope you like it!
Interview by: Doctoral Student

Video's and Podcasts

Sound Healing

This is a short introduction into Sound Healing Tools for Lightworkers. You can find more on my YouTube channel, or on my Video and Podcasts pages!
Length: 8 minutes

Energy Healing

This is an hour long interview with Vicky Thompson from New Connexions. I get to talk about my Soul Based Counseling and healing method. Hope you enjoy!
Length: 30 minutes

Sacredness in Everyday Life

This is my latest radio interview with Soul Matrix / The Voice of Leadership. The topic is on bringing the Sacred into our everyday lives. It covers a lot of ground - hope you like it!
Length: 60 minutes

Legacies and Personal Choices

This is a radio show I did with Soul Matrix Radio on Global Karma; Discover Spirituality Internet Radio with The Voice of Leadership on BlogTalkRadio.
Length: 60 minutes

Sound Healing Intro

Land of a Dreamer