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Arise Lightworker Apprenticeships

2018 - 2019

The ARISE Lightworker Apprenticeship program offers you an opportunity to grow personally, expand your community of Lightworkers, learn every day, and practice your dedicated passion (perhaps dearest longing) of being a Lightworker! 

What is a Lightworker?  Lightworkers are people who are consciously working on being positive, optimistic, and hopeful about themselves, other people, and situations in the world. Lightworkers send love, light, or prayers in times of need. Lightworkers enjoy feeling good and enjoy helping others to feel good too. They see the best in others and learn to see the best in themselves. Are you a Lightworker? If you are reading these words – you are!

In this apprenticeship, you will be taught many types energy tools and models and you will learn to hold a mastery, soul perspective during your daily journeys. Our lives are our textbooks. You will learn how to monitor, adjust, and soar with your own Personal Energy Management System through your physical, emotional, mental, spiritual and energy fields. EnJOY Daily DeLights!

We are designing a Tools for Lightworkers Series which encompasses all aspects of our trainings and understandings. These tools provide introductory through advanced energy healing methods.

There are 6 levels of Apprenticeships offered from beginning through advanced. Each is a 12 month program.  

Lightworker Orientation & Training Levels

Level 1: Lightworker

Offered for those beginning the journey as an energy healer and Lightworker. Reiki 1 and Reiki 2 training is provided which teaches basic hands-on healing and distance healing techniques. Intro to energy healing. Personal empowerment. Chakra balancing and clearing. Boundaries and ethics of sending healings. Beginning energy healing techniques.

Level 2: Advanced Lightworker

Offered for those who have already received Reiki 1 & 2. Reiki Master will be provided and you will learn to hold mastery energies in your own lives on a daily basis through all situations, personal and global. You will also learn how to teach other students and prepare them to become energy healers. Stand in the world as a master today. Increase your personal empowerment, discernment, and intuitive skills. Intermediate energy healing techniques.

Level 3: Language of Light Healer

Offered for those who have already received Reiki Master. You will be trained in 2 advanced healing methods. Karuna Reiki Master TM training is provided in accordance to the International Center for Reiki Training. Language of Light Healing Master TM is offered uniquely through ARISE and expands further energy systems. Intermediate energy healing techniques.

Level 4: Advanced Energy Healer

Offered for those who have received Level 3. Sacred geometry, energy glyphs, and expanded chakra systems taught in Living Fractals of Light TM a program taught only at Arise. Includes Christed Light series, Compassionate Light series, Gaia Overlight series, Lightworker Activation series and more. Advanced energy healing techniques.

Level 5: Etheric Healer

Offered for those who have received levels 3 and 4. You will be trained in an intuitive, etheric healing method: Spectrum Energetics TM, a unique chakra based etheric healing method taught exclusively through ARISE. Dialogue with guides. Advanced energy healing techniques.

Level 6: Advanced Etheric Healer

Offered for those who have completed through Level 5. Learn advanced etheric healing methods in SoulAnge Harmonics™. These include angelic lineages and etheric healing models for Hero’s Journey, Celebrations, Transitions, Children, Animals, DNA activations, and more. Advanced energy healing techniques.

2018-2019 Arise Apprenticeship Details


Classes held once a month, day and time determined by Apprentices.


Introductory class begins Saturday, Sept. 22, 2018

  • All Classes & Sessions held at Arise in Beaverton
  • Personal session once a month (1 hr.)
  • Group session once a month (2 hrs.)



  • Lightworker Apprenticeship Manual
  • Daily DeLights Engagement Journal
  • Opening Quantum Doorways: Prayers of Intent & Guided Visualizations
  • Dialogue with Spirit: Automatic Writing, Channeled Inspirations, Connecting Within


You will be awarded a certificate for each energy training method and you will also receive a certificate as an Arise Certified Energy Healer upon successful completion.


$350 pre-registration is requested.

There are two payment options. 

  • The first option is 10% off full payment.
  • The second option is a monthly course fee according to your level:
    • Level 1, Awakening Lightworker              $225 a month
    • Level 2, Stepping Into Mastery                 $235 a month
    • Level 3, Language of Light Healer           $245 a month
    • Level 4, Etheric Healer                                  $255 a month
    • Level 5 and 6: Co-Creation                         $255 a month


  • All classes – included in apprenticeship! ($500 for Reiki 1 &2 to $1,100 advanced)
  • Individual monthly personal session -included in apprenticeship! (reg. $125)
  • Concierge personal support from Lorelynn- included in apprenticeship! (reg.$250/ mo.)
  • Discounted prices for all Tools for Lightworker books (save $150 from Amazon prices)
  • Building community of healers and Lightworkers – invaluable : )
  • CEU credits if applicable
  • Opportunities for designing and offering workshops
  • Web presence through Arise after successful completion of program
  • Distance Apprenticeship available by phone or Skype; must travel for attunements


  • 1 hour interview
  • Interest in energy healing
  • Openness for personal growth and introspection
  • Flexible models of reality
  • Willingness to grow and be challenged
  • High ethical and integrity codes
  • Willingness to respectfully listen and consider other points of view
  • Interest in refining our discerning abilities between true intuition and mental tapes
  • Receptive to guidance from LMC
  • Enjoy a good laugh (even at ourselves)


Reiki, Energy Healing, & Language of Light™

Reiki 1 & 2 : 1 day (Beginner)

Learn the basics of Reiki, a gentle, hands- on healing and rejuvenating method of caring for yourself and others. Reiki 2 increases the power of your Reiki, heals and balances mental and emotional issues. Reiki 2 also allows you to send healing energies to past, present, or future situations. Very quantum!!

Reiki Master : 3 day (Intermediate)

This class enables you to step more fully into your mastery self. We need more healing masters in this world!! For those who like to teach - this class enables you to train others. If you have had Reiki 1 & 2 for at least 1 year - consider stepping forward to serve on a more empowered level with Reiki Master.

Karuna Reiki Master : 4 day (Intermediate)

Karuna Reiki Master enhances your healing techniques and allows you to be trained in sound and cellular healing and sacred geometry. This is an exquisite Language of Light healing method. You will be certified after completing all 3 Reiki classes.

Living Fractals of Light (Advanced)

Spectrum Energetics : 3 day (Advanced)

Call for interview - must be Reiki Master and know 1 other healing modality. Highest level of energy work for advanced healers only. Chakra and Intuition based healings set for physical, mental, emotional, or spiritual issues. Very empowering!!

SoulAnge Harmonics (Advanced)

Access your Angelic Lineage, DNA coding, Angelic Coding attunement, automatic writing, intuitive guidance.