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What is Energy Healing?

We are vibrational beings living in a vibrational universe.  If you watch CosmosNOVA, or read any wonderful information from our scientists, you know that on a sub-atomic level, we are constantly in motion.  And we are mostly "empty" space - or at least what is there is not visible as yet. Energy healing takes place on these higher vibrational levels and it can affect your physical, mental, emotional, or spiritual bodies.

As a counselor for many years I found that clients had a hard time moving forward and clearing all blocks, even though they might have spend years (or decades!) in counseling or therapy. Therefore, I integrated energy healing as an addition to counseling. With the combination of the two, you can move very fast through your issues and you can clear - completely- blocks that have held you back. 

Energy healing heals and empowers you in all dimensions and you find connections and patterns that were hidden before. For example - having a problem at work with a boss or co-worker?  Patterns reach back to childhood and because in energy healing there is no boundary between time and space we can set healings and clearings where they originated. This is true for all relationships and issues surrounding emotional calm, stability and balance.

On a physical level, you might be working through an infection on your right leg. Energy healing might give you insight into the cause of the infection and help to move you through this particular 'lesson' - in this case, perhaps fear of moving forward into the future. Through a combination of methods (see different types of energy healing) intent for a complete healing is made. Perhaps the healing occurs on the physical (that's what you want!), but you might gain information concerning mental and emotional issues surrounding the infection and you also might, if it is your highest and greatest good, get soul based information concerning your loved ones or soul path. 

The possibilities are endless... and the information comes through Guided channels which means it comes with a lightness and love, forgiveness, compassion, and allowing/embracing tenderness - all for you! Looking through the filter of Unconditional Love at your life path and choices - present, past and future.

Read some of the information under Articles concerning Energy Healing for more.

In energy healing sessions, work is done usually on a massage table, although you do not disrobe.  All work can be done over the body, so there is no touch involved if that is what you wish. Otherwise, a light touch is common with energy healing and warmth associated with Reiki. I recommend that you have a diagnosis, if necessary, from a medical professional so that we know exactly what we are addressing.

I offer 4 types of energy healing methods and also love to train clients in these methods as well!  Energy healing is an art and a science and we all can learn it! The benefits are wonderfully empowering. The four types are listed below.

Types of Energy Healing

I offer 4 types of energy healing methods and also love to train clients in these methods as well! Energy healing is an art and a science and we all can learn it! The benefits are wonderfully empowering. The four types are listed below.


Reiki is an ancient system that has been revived in the last 150 years and is a very gentle yet powerful method. You might easily feel warmth with the light touch, although the session can be done about 1 foot off the body if you wish. There is intent set for divine wisdom and power, mental and emotional healing and balance, gentle integration of energies and empowerment and mastery over your life path and life choices. Finally, something that is unique to the Reiki system, there is no barrier between going back and forth through time and space. This means that healings can and are sent to the cause of the dis-ease or to an issue you wish to address - such as abundance or relationships. We can send healings to you as a child, to your next job interview, to a loved one that you wish to dialogue with. Reiki is a foundation or platform energy healing system and is easy to learn, as it only requires an attunement and then practice.

Karuna Reiki & 'Language of Light'™

These two intertwined systems are sound and cellular based. You will be bathed in sound healing and experience many wonderful Guides, Masters, Angelic Presences and Loved Ones of the Light who work with you visit for this healing session. You may get Guided information, a soul based perspective on your issues and receive personal messages. Intent is set for deep healing, breakthroughs, heart energy, peace, heart knowledge, release of fear, I AM lineage, and much more.

Spectrum Energetics™

Spectrum is a chakra based method and can be done at a distance or in person. We set the intent for the healing, and then move through the chakras (usually 1 - 7) to see and set healings in from your Soul level. Spectrum can be on any physical, mental, emotional or spiritual level. There are also specialized Spectrum healings for abundance, relationships, career path, children, animal companions, transitions, and multidimensional shift. Afterwards, there is an integration session to review all the information and most times homework or 'delights' are given to you so that you can better integrate all the information.

Angelic Chording™

Angelic Chording can occur with all other systems. This is a singing in of higher lineages for you and is a Blessing as well as fun! You will be able to access your I AM Presence as a name, a tone or chant, a mudra (or energy /dance pose) ... the possibilities are as endless and fascinating as you are!