Dr. Lorelynn Mirage Cardo
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Booking an Appointment is Easy


Call, text or email me and we can set a day and time, whether you wish to work at a distance or in person (in Portland). Let me know your available days and times. The Contact Me form gets to me immediately.   

There are a number of ways to connect and I've detailed them below. Best bet - let's schedule an initial 2 hour session which includes it all : )

Offices:  In Beaverton off Hwy 26 and Bethany Blvd.  and also in SE Portland at Portland Natural Health, 1221 SE Madison

Phone: Office (503) 430-0401   Cell/Text (503) 810-8855   

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Talk to you soon!

During this Intuitive session your unique needs are honored!  An Arise Healing Session is usually a combination of Guided Counseling and Energy Healing, including Reiki, Karuna Reiki, Language of Light Sound Healing and can also include Angelic Chording and Spectrum Energetics as well. 

This session lasts 2 hours - you are bathed in the frequencies of love and light - as well as have enough time to really understand and untangle some of the challenges you may be facing. 

Can be done in person or at a distance!


Sometimes it's good to connect again to integrate the healing and insights! These sessions can last from 1 - 2 hours depending upon your unique needs. 


This is a uniquely designed chakra based method and there are many variants.  The basic Healing Spectrum can cover physical, mental, emotional situations.  The specialized Spectrums cover abundance, destiny path, Hero's Journey, children and teens, animals, those who transitioned or who are transitioning, and mutltidimensional shifting. 

Spectrum Energetic sessions can be done in person or at a distance.   I recommend we first connect and set energies beforehand as a pre-session.


If you don't live in the Portland OR area - space is no boundary between us! 

For Guided Counseling work, we can connect and have a session by phone or Skype.  For energy healing, after we set your intent, I do the one hour healing and tape it for you to hear in its entirety. Then we schedule an hour session on the phone or Skype which again can be taped. This way you can effortlessly integrate all the healing work and insight. 


Have you heard about Reiki and want to try it out? Come!


Insurance is available for certain plans. I will certainly bill your insurance for you! Just know, not all insurance plans pay for counseling.

Want to work with me but money seems an obstacle?  Please email or call me to discuss our options. I set the intent that if you are Guided to work with me - we will find a way!

Sending Love and Blessings to you through time and space!


I am always sending energy and can easily add you and your requests for healing! Just let me know!