Dr. Lorelynn Mirage Cardo
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Jodi-Gartman-smAbout Me:

I started working with Reiki in 2009 after I closed my private investigation practice. While I continue to work part time in the corporate world, I decided it was time to move my life forward into doing something I love. After completing the Arise Apprenticeship, as well as taking courses specializing in Animal Reiki, I started my business:      The Call of the Wild - Animal Reiki !

I am a S.A.R.A.Member/ Practitioner (Shelter Animal Reiki Association) and I am also a Tellington TTouch Apprentice working towards certification.

I  have been blessed to have lived with, learned from and worked with animals my whole life, they truly are my passion.  While my main focus is working with animals, I love to work with people as well.  My work with people has evolved to be more focused on grounding and reconnecting with the earth. I have found that working with the earth's energies - including the elements, animal totems spirits, stones, crystals and flower essences - helps to create and develop inner strength, deeper connections and builds a strong foundation which can assist you in your daily life.

Contact Info:

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My time in the Arise Apprenticeship program:

What an incredible journey...  Lorelynn has created a program that gives you the opportunity to learn not only the different levels of Reiki, but she brings in many other tools and covers other healing areas as well - all which work together to support you on your path.  While you are in this program you have the ability to choose the things that resonate with you the most and Lorelynn is always available for support.  This apprenticeship program provides such a strong foundation, a deeper understanding of the system and really sets Reiki into your daily life in a way no one-time class can do.

I can't begin to list everything I learned during this apprenticeship.  I will say it truly has been life changing.  One of the biggest things you'll get from Lorelynn, your classmates and this
apprenticeship is confidence -in yourself and in your practice.  Not only do you get to have full and total access to Lorelynn's experience, wisdom and knowledge but you also have the ability to learn from your classmates as each one brings something different to the table.  These things together create a program that far exceeds anything I have found to date.

I am so blessed to have not only the love and support from Lorelynn but also from my classmates who I consider family.  I truly cherish each of them, including Mia and Elijah. 

(Lorelynn’s note – my cherished companion animals –dog and cat- and ‘Reiki practitioners’ : )