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Michelle-Collins-smAbout Me:

Michelle is a Yoga Therapist, Reiki Master and Wellness Coach.  Michelle’s goal is for all of her clients to be their most joyful, thriving, vibrant healthy best selves.  Throughout her long yoga teaching career, Michelle has come to realize that many personal injuries and “diseases” can be improved and even alleviated through stress management.  Stress manifests itself in our bodies in unique ways but always with discomfort and imbalances.  These may show up as sleep disorders, weight loss or gain, injuries, illnesses, anxiety or depression, relationship strains, and more. 

Michelle uses her unique combination of skills to help clients address what is causing imbalances and help clients to grow to wellness.  Wellness coaching helps clients find the strength and motivation to change their lives for the better. 

Yoga therapy and Reiki energy work can help with imbalances and distress on all levels, physical, mental, energetic and spiritual.  Michelle’s company, Embrace Life Center, LLC, motto is "Be Well".  

Michelle believes everyone can live a joyous vibrant life and Be Well. 

Contact Info:

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Website: www.embracelifecenter.com  

Phone: Call (503) 704- 4222 anytime for a free consultation

My time in the Arise Apprenticeship program:

The Arise Apprenticeship allowed me to gently integrate and firmly stand into my place as a master Light worker.  Going through Reiki 1 and 2 attunements is like learning to crawl and then walk, getting a mastery attunement is like being given wings. Lorelynn attuned us, gave us wings, and created a loving community of apprentices to share our journey in a safe and nurturing environment. 

Lorelynn’s stories of her experiences helped us to understand what it is to become a Reiki master much more than attending the single attunement.  Add to that a group of peers going through the learning process at the same time, sharing the experiences and challenges of the life changes that come with stepping into mastery.  One of us would stumble or struggle and the rest of us would be there to help. “Yes, I’ve been through that too!”  It was invaluable!  And the connections I made with my fellow apprentices continue to be my strength and help every day.

The Arise Apprenticeship has definitely made me a much more complete and confident Reiki practitioner.  We also learned about oils, cards, gemstones, flower essences, chakras, and many other things that I am using to help my clients’ with their energetic balancing needs.  

So much more than a Reiki Master Class, I graduated from the Arise Apprenticeship with a group of fantastic light workers I know I can call on for anything.  Friendships that will undoubtedly last forever and a mentor whom I know will always be there for me no matter what help I need with my Reiki practice or my personal life.  Roots and wings, thank you for giving us the gift of flight Lorelynn!