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Norah-Zaharakis-smAbout Me:

My name is Norah Zaharakis and I am a Licensed Massage Therapist. I practice Shiatsu which is a Japanese style of massage based upon the ideas and principles of Chinese medical theory. Designed to help the flow of Qi through the channels, I have found it very fitting to incorporate Reiki into my massages.

Contact Info:

My office is located at Alberta Street Acupuncture Clinic, NE 19th and Alberta.  You can check out more on my Facebook page, Norah Zaharakis Massage Therapist; Shiatsu and Reiki or at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..  Would love to hear from you!

My time in the Arise Apprenticeship program:

Lorelynn has provided me with a great tool kit. She has taught me to grasp for the positive in all situations. Doing the Reiki Master Apprenticeship has given me hope, something to hold onto in this crazy reality. To be able to talk about and listen to what is important, bringing light to the earth. And to dialogue about what that means, because light is constantly shifting, changing, evolving, and expressing itself through us, through our experiences.

Lorelynn has a way of creating a beautiful, welcoming, safe and sacred space where all who are in her presence feel warm, at home and alive. Her celebration of life is contagious. I’ve had such an amazing time working with everyone in the apprenticeship and I have learned so much from chakras and Ayurveda to flower essences and essential oils.



Michelle-Collins-smAbout Me:

Michelle is a Yoga Therapist, Reiki Master and Wellness Coach.  Michelle’s goal is for all of her clients to be their most joyful, thriving, vibrant healthy best selves.  Throughout her long yoga teaching career, Michelle has come to realize that many personal injuries and “diseases” can be improved and even alleviated through stress management.  Stress manifests itself in our bodies in unique ways but always with discomfort and imbalances.  These may show up as sleep disorders, weight loss or gain, injuries, illnesses, anxiety or depression, relationship strains, and more. 

Michelle uses her unique combination of skills to help clients address what is causing imbalances and help clients to grow to wellness.  Wellness coaching helps clients find the strength and motivation to change their lives for the better. 

Yoga therapy and Reiki energy work can help with imbalances and distress on all levels, physical, mental, energetic and spiritual.  Michelle’s company, Embrace Life Center, LLC, motto is "Be Well".  

Michelle believes everyone can live a joyous vibrant life and Be Well. 

Contact Info:

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Website: www.embracelifecenter.com  

Phone: Call (503) 704- 4222 anytime for a free consultation

My time in the Arise Apprenticeship program:

The Arise Apprenticeship allowed me to gently integrate and firmly stand into my place as a master Light worker.  Going through Reiki 1 and 2 attunements is like learning to crawl and then walk, getting a mastery attunement is like being given wings. Lorelynn attuned us, gave us wings, and created a loving community of apprentices to share our journey in a safe and nurturing environment. 

Lorelynn’s stories of her experiences helped us to understand what it is to become a Reiki master much more than attending the single attunement.  Add to that a group of peers going through the learning process at the same time, sharing the experiences and challenges of the life changes that come with stepping into mastery.  One of us would stumble or struggle and the rest of us would be there to help. “Yes, I’ve been through that too!”  It was invaluable!  And the connections I made with my fellow apprentices continue to be my strength and help every day.

The Arise Apprenticeship has definitely made me a much more complete and confident Reiki practitioner.  We also learned about oils, cards, gemstones, flower essences, chakras, and many other things that I am using to help my clients’ with their energetic balancing needs.  

So much more than a Reiki Master Class, I graduated from the Arise Apprenticeship with a group of fantastic light workers I know I can call on for anything.  Friendships that will undoubtedly last forever and a mentor whom I know will always be there for me no matter what help I need with my Reiki practice or my personal life.  Roots and wings, thank you for giving us the gift of flight Lorelynn!



Jodi-Gartman-smAbout Me:

I started working with Reiki in 2009 after I closed my private investigation practice. While I continue to work part time in the corporate world, I decided it was time to move my life forward into doing something I love. After completing the Arise Apprenticeship, as well as taking courses specializing in Animal Reiki, I started my business:      The Call of the Wild - Animal Reiki !

I am a S.A.R.A.Member/ Practitioner (Shelter Animal Reiki Association) and I am also a Tellington TTouch Apprentice working towards certification.

I  have been blessed to have lived with, learned from and worked with animals my whole life, they truly are my passion.  While my main focus is working with animals, I love to work with people as well.  My work with people has evolved to be more focused on grounding and reconnecting with the earth. I have found that working with the earth's energies - including the elements, animal totems spirits, stones, crystals and flower essences - helps to create and develop inner strength, deeper connections and builds a strong foundation which can assist you in your daily life.

Contact Info:

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 Phone 503.410.8987

My time in the Arise Apprenticeship program:

What an incredible journey...  Lorelynn has created a program that gives you the opportunity to learn not only the different levels of Reiki, but she brings in many other tools and covers other healing areas as well - all which work together to support you on your path.  While you are in this program you have the ability to choose the things that resonate with you the most and Lorelynn is always available for support.  This apprenticeship program provides such a strong foundation, a deeper understanding of the system and really sets Reiki into your daily life in a way no one-time class can do.

I can't begin to list everything I learned during this apprenticeship.  I will say it truly has been life changing.  One of the biggest things you'll get from Lorelynn, your classmates and this
apprenticeship is confidence -in yourself and in your practice.  Not only do you get to have full and total access to Lorelynn's experience, wisdom and knowledge but you also have the ability to learn from your classmates as each one brings something different to the table.  These things together create a program that far exceeds anything I have found to date.

I am so blessed to have not only the love and support from Lorelynn but also from my classmates who I consider family.  I truly cherish each of them, including Mia and Elijah. 

(Lorelynn’s note – my cherished companion animals –dog and cat- and ‘Reiki practitioners’ : )



Hillary-Darling-Bryan-smAbout Me:

A specialist within the realm of frequency healing, Hillary has been "playing with" waves and frequencies since childhood. Hillary began studying meditation at age 15, kundalini yoga since age 17, and music starting at age 5. Trained in classical piano, guitar, ballet and sound engineering, she has a unique perspective on the healing qualities of organic life. 

An empath, clairaudient, healing music producer & quantum dreamer she comes well equipped with many tools in her energy treasure chest. She offers long distance and in person frequency healing sessions. 

Hillary also operates a conscious consulting service, offering business & marketing consulting with integrity. 

Contact Info:

email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

My time in the Arise Apprenticeship program:

My experience during the apprenticeship was so nourishing and really cleared the way for me to step forward in my power. I've been able to come to a more powerful place of peace and assured trajectory. Lorelynn is a wonderful teacher who is able to embody a sweet balance of tough love and gentle support. She helped me shine light on places of joy within me as well as bringing light and love to the unloved scared and reactive places within. I'm forever grateful for her guidance and lessons. 

It changed my life magically




About Me:

I have trained as a Reiki healer since 1999 and am currently in advanced training as a Karuna Reiki Master, Language of Love Healing Master, and Spectrum Energetics etheric training.  I am called to work with those in transition, especially supporting you in challenging life situations. My specialties are in body image from a Goddess perspective and training others to restore our connection to the Goddess within.

I am currently mentoring and training others in the Arise Apprentice program and can do home Reiki sessions for those who live in Salem and SW Portland. 

Contact Info:

By email at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..


My time in the Arise Apprenticeship program:

Participating in the Arise Advanced Apprenticeship program mentored by Lorelynn has facilitated a shift and growth in me spiritually that I believe would have taken years to achieve on my own. She has provided tools and opportunities that inspire balance, confidence and strength.

The Apprenticeship has provided me a community of loving Reiki professionals and resources that are the core of successful Light workers.

Lorelynn is a loving, gifted, intuitive mentor. She has acquired decades of immeasurably valuable experience in counseling and healing that afford her powerful insight into the human condition.